for a job?? It would mean a lot if you could get back to me (: Thank you so much!!
Hey! I've read a few of your post and saw how you work at the Crescent Ballroom and for Stateside, which is awesome!! Super jealous! I'm really interested in getting involved with music anyway I can! Even if I'm just cleaning bathrooms at a venue (even though that would be pretty shitty haha) But I'm writing to you because I was wondering if you could give me some insight on how to get a job at one of Stateside's venues, or if age is an issue? I'm 19 so I'm not sure if I would even qualify. cont

Haha thank you. You sound exactly like I did before I got the job. I’m pretty sure I even mentioned being a janitor during my first interview :P When it comes to these jobs age isn’t as big of a factor as maturity level and over all personality. I was actually hired when I was 19 having zero related work experience. I definitely caught a lucky break finding crescent before it had opened. My best advice would be know when would be the best time of the year to try to apply, which is actually coming up very soon! Now that I am starting to do more with Stateside, come busy season they may even need another person for ticketing. if you know an employee who can vouch for you or recommend you to a manager, that is huge. Do you have any passed job experience?

Are You Kidding?!

Can we all just stop and take a minute to look at all of the amazing shows that are coming to phoenix this year.. I’m not just saying this because I work at stateside or crescent. 2013 has just begun and has already topped last year in my book. Let’s recap.. Upcoming shows that I’m too excited for—> Beach House at Crescent, the xx at both Rialto and Marquee theatre, Geographer at Rhythm Room, Ra Ra Riot at Congress, Rodriguez at The Orpheum Theatre, Lucero, Local Natives, Cold War Kids at Crescent.. And there are at the very least 5 shows that have not been announced that people are going to wet themselves over. Maybe. I might have a little. Look out for some great announces from stateside next week!

A Benefit of the Job..

One of the many benefits of having my job is getting new music sent to us before it is released. The most recent addition to my itunes is the new Toro Y Moi album - Anything in Return. You can stream it from Pitchfork now or pick it up at an upcoming show. Toro Y Moi will be playing Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix January 30th! Click HERE for tickets. Buy them soon before they sell out! Hint Hint. This show is 16+ So come one and all and leave those fakes at home.

A Story

Hey friends. I am turning this into more of a music/music industry info based page. Basically I am just an average girl from a small-ish town in Northern VA who decided to move across the country, alone, to do whatever it takes to be happy. I have been around music my entire life and have had a deep connection with every aspect. I had absolutely no connections, I didn’t even know anybody when I got here and yet I have now somehow squirreled my way into one of the most desired industries. One thing I always used to search for was anyone who could tell me HOW DO I JOIN THIS EXCLUSIVE CLUB IF I DON’T HAVE CONNECTIONS?! I never found exactly what I was looking for, so this is my version of how I’ve done it. Obviously I’m just starting out and towards the bottom of the food chain, so I’m just documenting as I go. 

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